mo·ti·va·tion (n)\ˌmō-tə-ˈvā-shən\ 

dis·ci·pline (n)\ˈdi-sə-plən\

All of us want to achieve and be successful. When we are not, our first response or defense deals with motivation.We speak of motivation as if it is a supernatural force that can or cannot be controlled. We have heard people say, "I am not motivated" or "I lost my motivation". However, many times, the reason we do not achieve or  succeed is not because of a lack of motivation, but because a lack of discipline. In Discipline Your Motivation: Defeat deterrents, Construct Confidence, and Believe in yourself!, Dr. Robinson elaborates on his concept of Disciplined Motivation.




Dr. Robinson has over 20 years of public speaking experience. He has engaged and entertained small to large audiences. His tailored made speaking engagements have captured the attention of youth, parents, executives, school administrators, and non-profit professionals. His current mission is to enlighten his audiences on how to find success and fulfill their life's purpose by becoming more disciplined and understanding how their talents and skills are the two key links to professional and personal satisfaction. 


Davis M. Robinson, Ph.D., is the CEO/President of Horizon Consulting Services. LLC. His expertise is in Training and Organizational Development, in which he has over 20 years of experience. He has worked in leadership roles for various industries including: finance, retail, government, sales, higher education, health care, insurance, and automotive manufacturing. Dr. Robinson’s written works have been highlighted in professional magazines, peer reviewed journals, and regional newspapers. He is a national and regional speaker, and author. 

Do you have an adjustment to make in your life? Are you ready to begin fulfilling your life's purpose? Is there something that is calling you each and everyday? Whether your adjustment is small, your purpose is unknown, or you have not answered that call, don't give up! Your time is now...Your time is now...YOUR TIME IS NOW!

Dr. Davis Robinson can help you discover what is missing in your life to get you on the road to a fulfilling life!