"Dr. Davis Robinson is a man on a mission, a mission to help people to rise above their circumstances and maximize heir God given abilities. Learn from him and you will be glad that you have had his input in your life! He will help you do more, be more and achieve more!"

Willie Jolley, Best Selling Author of "A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback" and "Turn your Setbacks Into Greenbacks!"

"We all have challenges for personal change, barriers to the next degree of success and hardships that seem overwhelming, Disciplining Your Motivation unbundles the complicated factors so we can meet these challenges, overcome the barriers and effectively manage the hardships in our personal lives."

John Britt, coauthor of Who Killed Change

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Robinson speak at a NBMBAA meeting and his passion exudes far beyond his presentation! With that energy I was compelled to purchase the book and from the first chapter it was a page turner. The content made me re evaluate my "motivating cause." A definite book to have in your personal library!

Chapter president of National Black MBA Association

Discipline your Motivation is a good read. I appreciate the clear differentiation of the two words Motivation and Discipline. I found forgiveness in learning that my motivation to improve my lifestyle has always been a constant, and found empowerment in learning that my discipline is the key to attaining my goals. The success associated with the sustained effort will reward me with new opportunities in life and in business.

Banking professional

If you are looking for the answer to the question: "How do I move beyond the desire to the achievement of a goal?" you MUST read this book! Personally, I was the person with many uncompleted projects, because I would start the project with zeal and then when the motivation waned, the project was put on hold. Well, in this book, Dr. Davis M. Robinson encouraged me to take a deeper look at myself and how I was trying to accomplish my goals. I learned that the missing step I needed to finish my projects was simply, incorporating discipline into the process. This book helps you to understand that even though motivation is important, it's actually the "discipline" that fuels you to reach your goals. Through his guidance, Dr. Robinson gives you great tips so you can move beyond the motivation stage to the actualization stage; resulting in achievement of all of your goals and desires. The book encouraged me to believe in myself more, become more disciplined, and enjoy the results. I now complement my motivation with discipline!

Regional Human Resource Director



Do you have an adjustment to make in your life? Are you ready to begin fulfilling your life's purpose? Is there something that is calling you each and everyday? Whether your adjustment is small, your purpose is unknown, or you have not answered that call, don't give up! Your time is now...Your time is now...YOUR TIME IS NOW!

Dr. Davis Robinson can help you discover what is missing in your life to get you on the road to a fulfilling life!